Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are you flippin' kidding me?

I went to the Wellfleet movie theater to see "Gran Torino" with my buddy Lou this evening. We both thought the movie was great ... and then the fire alarm went off in the theater ... film off, lights on, annoying alarm ... all four movie theaters in the building had to evacuate.

They gave us passes for a future movie (good for a year), but neither of us really wants to sit through the good portion of the movie (about an hour & a quarter) that we've already seen. We're thinking we might end up using the passes to see another movie, but get to the theater early and sneak in to catch the last half hour or so of "Gran Torino".

Anyway ... it looked to be a really good movie. Good performances, good writing. Just wondering how the freakin' thing ends!


JAbel said...

They get off his lawn.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Ask Berke. He saw it & liked it. I like your sneaking in to see the end. I am quite fond of seeing one film and then sneaking into another one after (but ya gotta time it just right and not act too suspicious and oh there are a lot of rules to this bit of larceny). Maybe I should have used a pseudonym.