Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just how stupid do you think we are, ESPN?

So ... last night I'm having a post-dinner cocktail with my friend Jen the Masseuse and I see on the ESPN crawl this breaking news: "LeBron James reportedly will announce his free agency decision during a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night at 9pm, according to independent sources who spoke to Chris Broussard of ESPN".

Here's an idea, ESPN ... I'm guessing SOMEONE in the company knew for sure whether or not the report was true ... why not just announce it rather than some vague report based on "independent sources"? Are we really supposed to believe that you scooped YOURSELVES?

And really ... an hour to announce his decision? Will he hand out roses to the GM's of the final 5 teams, before he makes his final decision? Maybe we'll see exit interviews with the spurned GMs and coaches, as they cry for the camera because they just don't understand how he could have led them on like that.

I guess I'll skip the special and just wait to see the highlights on SportsCenter.