Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Almost Christmas Again!

My Facebook friends Socky & Jamie (the coolest sock puppets on the World-Wide-Interwebs) posted this video of Grandpa Puppet. I think we may just have a new Christmas Classic here at Valet Confidential.

Posting this reminds me that I have to write a little more about Socky & Jamie one of these days. They really are the coolest.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Return of the Valet - plus live CTP

This past Saturday night, several of us from the Chandler Travis Philharmonic stopped by the WMFO studios in order to promote our upcoming Christmas Cavalcade shows and just to have some fun with Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST hostess Belinda. As Belinda occasionally refers to me as being the show's valet when I'm not being Chandler's, this was double duty valet business for me.

Last night Belinda asked me to write a blog post about our appearance for her site. You can find it, along with a an mp3 of our performance, here.

I'm really glad she asked me to write the blog post. I know it's been ages since I've written anything here, but I'm hoping this gets me writing more often. I'm going to try, anyway.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nyjer Morgan

Not that anyone is asking me, but I sure don't blame Nyjer Morgan for charging the mound after being thrown at twice in one game tonight against the Marlins. I understand why he got hit the first time (retaliation for his cheap shot hit on the Marlins catcher the previous night), and he didn't start a fight after that one, but then they threw at him again later in the game. What up wit that?

Apparently he broke some unwritten rule by stealing 2nd & 3rd with his team down by 11 runs after he got hit by a pitch earlier in the game. So what? Like a team has never come back from that far down? Every run counts, and the name of the game is to get yourself in a position to score runs. When a batter hits a home run after getting hit by a pitch his previous, we laud his determination. But Morgan isn't known as a home run hitter, he's a base stealer and run scorer, so he did what comes naturally ... he stole bases and got to 3rd base, where all sorts of things could have resulted in his scoring.

Don't get me wrong, I think Morgan is a bit of a punk, and he's definitely got some issues (he recently threw a ball at someone in the stands), but when the ball gets thrown behind you when you've already been hit by a pitch in the game, well ... he's sure not the first guy to charge the mound after something like that.

Would I rather have seen him get on base and steal 3 bases, including home, this time? Hell yeah. That would've shown 'em!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just how stupid do you think we are, ESPN?

So ... last night I'm having a post-dinner cocktail with my friend Jen the Masseuse and I see on the ESPN crawl this breaking news: "LeBron James reportedly will announce his free agency decision during a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night at 9pm, according to independent sources who spoke to Chris Broussard of ESPN".

Here's an idea, ESPN ... I'm guessing SOMEONE in the company knew for sure whether or not the report was true ... why not just announce it rather than some vague report based on "independent sources"? Are we really supposed to believe that you scooped YOURSELVES?

And really ... an hour to announce his decision? Will he hand out roses to the GM's of the final 5 teams, before he makes his final decision? Maybe we'll see exit interviews with the spurned GMs and coaches, as they cry for the camera because they just don't understand how he could have led them on like that.

I guess I'll skip the special and just wait to see the highlights on SportsCenter.