Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you seen this bowl?

I've been meaning to write this up since Memorial Day weekend, when I first went to Mac's Shack in Wellfleet for this season, ordered the tuna poke, and met the perfect rice bowl. Unfortunately, I was sans camera that trip, and I wasn't sure if I could adequately describe the perfect rice bowl in all of its perfection, so I decided to wait until I went back and remembered to bring a camera. Well ... that was ... oh ... three weeks ago ... and I did get some pics ... I was just too dang lazy to do anything about writing this up ... until tonight, anyway.

So ... here's the deal ... they have these great bowls at Mac's Shack this year ... they're flat on the bottom, so they sit just fine on the table, but they're also just a little off-center so that they rest comfortably in your palm, your fingers cupping the straighter edge of the bowl, and have an indentation for your thumb ... in short ... perfect.

[what looks like milk in those wine glasses is unfiltered sake - really!]

Well ... almost perfect ... the problem with them being ... I CAN'T FIND THEM FOR SALE ONLINE!!! I even got the name of the vendor where the restaurant bought them, but it's definitely a wholesale vendor in New Jersey without any online ordering capabilities (and almost certainly not in the lot of 4 or 6 that I want).

If any of you faithful readers have any bright ideas (other than liberating a bunch of bowls from the restaurant), please let me know. Especially if you've seen these bowls for sale somewhere with your very own eyes. I was thinking of offering some sort of reward, but I don't know if there's anything I can really offer other than my eternal gratitude (and a public thank you via this here blog thingy).

If all else fails, once summer ends, I suppose I just might swing by and ask Mac if he'd order a few more if/when he next places an order with the vendor.



jenrebecc said...

which of course he will have to do, now that you told the world about them and their greatness and planted the 'liberate them' seed in the blog-o-spheres head.

Susan said...

Or maybe he can order you a case and you can take orders from all of us - like Girl Scout Cookies.

jenrebecc said...

i get to mark them up then?

Cindy said...

Yes, it is the perfect bowl. Thanks for sharing. Did a little digging, Mutual Trading Co.website
(wholesale only, but you can see
pics and order #s, 3 sizes, I
used the med. order# 940-50-94597Was called by this gent, who I was told retailed their food and might sell the bowls. He does.
$6.50 each + S/H
He said he would check cost of other sizes.
You're holding the small one,no?
"Tom" 626-202-8093