Sunday, May 18, 2008

sobriety and miscellany

OK ... now that I've had a chance to recover a bit after getting my drink on last night ... a few things I forgot to say last night:
  • we spotted our first Waffle House on the drive down here yesterday - somewhere in Delaware, I think it was - maybe we'll stop there today, though I kinda doubt it - we can hope, though
  • Chandler & I both picked up bags of Utz cracklins ... like fried pork rinds, but even better ... YUM! Anyone ever seen these on Cape Cod?
  • we were told last night that the area around here is basically the Hamptons of Washington, DC - someone else heard that Rummy and Cheney have houses in the area
  • I forgot to mention the loose vibe the band had last night - everyone seemed to be having a blast - tons of spontaneous dancing on stage (especially by keyboardist Phil Clements) and a most excellent group lie down on the stage after Chandler told us to "bring it down" during "Other Thing"
  • hotel here is quite lovely - pillow top mattresses, Aveda products, flat screen tv, clock radio w/ cd player and aux input - all the finery - rooms aren't huge, but still very nice, and the water pressure left something to be desired, but that's really just being picky - it's definitely far from some of the el cheapo hotels we've stayed in on other tours.
  • weather was gorgeous yesterday up in New Jersey - slightly overcast but still quite nice down here - so far, today looks great, at least here - I think we might be hitting rain as we travel north, though.
  • looks like a good Sunday brunch here, too - and I'm on my way down there just as soon as I submit this blog post

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