Monday, May 19, 2008

one more from the road

It's almost checkout time (unless someone negotiated a later checkout and didn't tell the rest of us), so this will almost certainly be my last post from the road. The beds here at the Super 8 did NOT have pillow top mattresses - quite the opposite, in fact - which seems to have made my back very, very happy this morning.

Weather is beautiful here, maybe mid 60's and sunny, with a strong wind. From what we can tell, this should be with us for the rest of the trip - great!

Rumor has it that we might try to stop at a Waffle House for breakfast this morning - I hope so, because it just wouldn't be a CTP tour without at least one Waffle House experience. Maybe they'll have some new WH songs on the jukebox!

OK ... that's it for now ... when next I post, it should be from the comfort of my own home.

Later, gators!

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