Friday, May 16, 2008

online review of last night’s show and weather update

Our show last night in Philadelphia has been reviewed online by a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, David Hiltbrand: review here. We're particularly pleased with his description of Chandler as looking "like a cross between former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee and character actor Jack Elam". Oh yeah, he liked the music, too. Thanks, David!

And the rain has mostly abated - no longer pouring, it's now just sort of gray. The latest local weather is showing tomorrow being mostly sunny, with a daytime temp around 72F - hopefully, that'll be our basic weather for the trip to Maryland.

Load in is in about an hour and a half, showtime a couple of hours after that (7pm). Should be a relatively early night for us, depending on what we find to do around here after the show.

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